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2017 February Pender Post

February, crazy how the months just keep flipping by. Well we got our snowy, stormy winter and now all the flowers are starting to bravely poke their necks out to welcome the spring. Remember now is the best time to get a jump on ordering your gardening and landscaping materials from Saanich through our backhaul service before the waitlist gets too long. At present, there is no waitlist and supporting this service really does support the Recycling Depot!

Just a reminder of the depot winter hours, Tuesdays 8 to 3, Saturdays 10 to 3 and Sundays 1 to 4, we do not operate on Fridays at this time of year. Don’t forget to check our website,, for more detailed information about our operation. Its also 2017 membership sign up time, $20 for a yearly membership, tax receipts are available. Please sign up at the depot or if more convenient for you, sign up on line at our website.

As you visit the recycling depot please let us know if there is anything we can improve to make your recycling experience better, we are very open to your feedback. Please remember if you are having mobility issues don’t hesitate to ask a staff member for help doing your recycling, we can be busy up there but would love to help.

With the arrival of February some of us can’t help but think of love, oh lovely love, the stores are full of “Love” this time of year. As always at the depot we see the residue of excess commercial love in the form of extra packaging needing to be recycled. There is an abundance of ways to express thankfulness to the ones you love, lets see if we can do it this year with less packaging!

Create less packaging waste, how do we make that a part of our day to day consciousness? There are so many ways to incorporate that idea. I can list a number of specific ways to reduce our packaging footprint, buy bulk, buy local, buy second hand. But what the main message here really is, is just be aware, be conscious. If we can, even post purchase see the packaging, the waste, we will be learning what we want packaging to look like. What is excessive, what’s necessary? What companies are making good choices? Then wouldn’t it be great if we could share that knowledge. Why not share that information up at the depot and we can pass it on? It would be great to be spreading good news stories and supporting positive choices and companies!

Have a great February, Jenn Kaila

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