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All money collected through Free StoreReShop and ReValue Gallery donations help to fund the ongoing operation of the ReUse Area of the not-for-profit Pender Island Recycling Society. Thank you all for your support.

And don't forget that you can also take items to the North Pender Island's Nu-To-Yu community thrift store (4409 Bedwell Harbour Rd). Drop off days are Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. 

What if an item doesn't qualify under the Free Store rules?

1. We may still allow it into the Free Store, but on consignment; we will return it to you if it isn't taken within a prescribed amount of time

2. You can affix a printed poster of your item on our Community Bulletin Board (the cork board located outside the Free Store)

3. Post the item on our Facebook page or Pender Online Market

What's a ReValue Gallery?

The ReValue Gallery opened in June 2017.

The gallery showcases art and repurposed items "up-cycled" by local artists, some of which are available for purchase for a minimum donation. Currently the ReValue Gallery has a small display of recycled art by the artists from Pender Island's Red Tree Gallery.

The ReValue Gallery also serves as an education area, where Pender Islands residents and visitors can pick up information about B.C. recycling programs, environmental issues, and composting. A television monitor details major solar initiatives operating now on North Pender Island.

If you'd like to donate or consign an item to the ReValue Gallery, please drop the item off anytime the recycling depot is open (see a depot staff member when you arrive). Please call ahead (250.629.6962) if you have any questions. 

What's a Free Store?

Arguably, the most “interesting” part of the Pender Island Recycling Depot is our Free Store. It is chock full with a great selection of free stuff awaiting a second life: books, kitchen stuff, nicknacks, board games, garden pots, building hardware, and lots more. Everything is free . . . although donations are gratefully accepted.


There are just three Free Store rules:

1. Check with a recycling depot staff member before dropping off anything for the Free Store

2. Free Store drop off items must be in working order

3. Free Store items should be made of recyclable materials, except when an item is accepted on consignment (see below for details).


Canning jars are often available in the Free Store.

What's a ReShop?

The ReShop has been expanded again!

The recycling depot ReShop was a new intiative of the Pender Island Recycling Society in 2015. The ReShop has items on display that can be acquired by donation (negotiable), items like previously-used appliances, electronics, building supplies, sports equipment, tools, and more. The ReShop Gallery features art, repurposed and refurbished items "up-cycled" by local artists and are available for a minimum suggested donation.

If you'd like to donate or consign an item to the ReShop, please drop it off anytime the recycling depot is open (see a depot staff member when you arrive). You're welcome to call ahead (250.629.6962) to make sure that we are able to accept the item or items that you'd like to donate or consign.

Re-useable wine bottles for winemaking are available ($2/box of a dozen).

Examples of some treasures you might find in our ReShop (photos above by Niki Roberts)

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