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Freestore and

ReUse Area

All donations collected through the Freestore and Reshop help fund their maintenance.

Thank you for supporting these re-use initiatives.

Examples of some treasures you might find in our Reshop

Photos by Niki Roberts

What if an item doesn't qualify for the Freestore?

Another option is to check with the volunteers at the Nu-To-Yu community thrift store (4409 Bedwell Harbour Rd). They accept donations on Tues and Thurs from 9 AM to noon, and Saturdays from 11 am to 2 pm. 

You can also advertise your item on Facebook in the Pender Online Market.

For many people, the most interesting part of the depot is the Freestore. It has a great selection of free stuff awaiting a second life including: books, kitchenware, nicknacks, board games, plant pots, building hardware, and lots more. Everything is free . . . although donations are gratefully accepted.

In the summer months when parking is limited and the depot is busy, we ask that you limit your stay so that recyclers can find parking.

Please check with staff before dropping off any donations. Drop off items must be clean, in working order, and made of recyclable material. We sometimes make an exception if an item is in demand and we expect it be scooped up quickly!


We do not accept clothing or textiles as these items do not fare well in the damp conditions of the store.

What's a Reshop?

The Reshop has items on display that can be acquired by donation (negotiable). 


You may find previously-used appliances, electronics, building supplies, sports equipment, tools, and more. Re-useable wine bottles for wine and kombucha making are available ($2/box of a dozen).

If you'd like to donate or consign an item to the Reshop, please see a staff member. Or, call ahead (250 629 6962) or send us a photo ( to make sure that the type of item that you'd like to donate is accepted.

What's a Freestore?

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