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How We Are Funded

The Pender Island Recycling Society (PIRS) governs the recycle depot and is a not-for-profit, registered charitable organization.

The recycling depot is funded through sources described below.

See the 2022 Income Statement » Balance sheet available upon request.

THANK YOU for your ongoing financial support.


Please Note. No tax dollars are used to fund the Pender Island Recycling Society or the depot operation.


BC Recycling Program

We provide collection services for nine British Columbia residential recycling stewardship programs: household batteries; consumer electronics; light bulbs and fixtures; paint; packaging and printed paper; small appliances and power tools; smoke/CO alarms; thermostats; and used oil and antifreeze.
Residential packaging and printed paper (PPP) collection services are collected under contract to the Capital Regional District (CRD).
We receive transport fees from Green for Life to deliver PPP to Victoria. In 2022, BC recycling ste
wardship funding represented 53% of our depot operating costs.

SALE of Recyclables

Many people donate their refundable beverage containers to the depot and the deposits we collect on containers (e.g., wine bottles; juice boxes and cartons; plastic pop bottles; pop and beer cans) is an important source of funding.
Scrap metal is sold to Williams Scrap Metal.
In 2022
, revenue from these two areas funded 23% of our depot operating costs.

Sales & Suggested Donations (Backhauls, reuse)

Backhauls of soil, sand, and gravel and donations in our Free Store and ReShop help fund the depot operation. In 2022, these sources of revenue funded 15% of our depot operating costs.

Annual Household MEMBERSHIPS

Your annual voluntary household membership of $20 (payable anytime you are at the recycling depot or online by clicking on the PIRS Membership button at the top of this page) is a charitable donation and a tax receipt is issued.
In 2022, household membership revenue funded 4% of our depot operating costs.


In 2022, recycling drop off fees (e.g., large appliances, non-packaging plastics, scrap metal, tires, etc.) covered 3% of our depot operating costs.

MISCELLANEOUS sources of revenue

In 2022, bequests, larger charitable donations, grant funding, bank interest, BC Hydro credits, and other one-time income covered 3% of our depot operating costs. 

On February 14, 2018 the CRD Board of Directors voted unanimously to cover the funding deficit that the Southern Gulf Islands depots face in collecting residential packaging and printed paper (PPP).

The contract between the CRD and the Pender Island Recycling Society allows the Pender Island depot to collect residential packaging and printed paper through December 2023.

We’re extremely grateful to the CRD for this contract.

Great News for Gulf Island Recycling

Four more years of PPP funding secured
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