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2017 July Pender Post

Well, believe it or not, July has arrived.

With the coming of summer and hotter days at the Pender Island Recycling Depot there are a few seasonal changes to remind you about. Our Summer Hours continue (June through September): Tuesday 8-3pm, Friday 10-3pm, Saturday 10-3pm, and Sunday 1-4pm. Peak times are notably at the first and last hours of these days; try to plan accordingly to avoid the congestion. Also, the depot will be CLOSED on Saturday, July 1 for Canada Day.

As summer arrives so do a lot of Pender Islands summer residents: “Welcome back.” Please check in with a depot staff member next time you are doing your recycling; we will be happy to show you any changes that have taken place since last time you were in, and renew your 2017 membership!

One housekeeping item that becomes more important at this time of year as the hot weather arrives is to please remember to rinse your recycling. Stinky, contaminated plastic and metal containers become more so in the heat and attract rodents and wasps. Most recycling is stored at the depot for at least a week so attention to rinsing your containers is very much appreciated by depot staff and other Pender Island Recycling Society members!

Did you know that the recycling depot accepts household paint and aerosol paint cans anytime the depot is open? The paint can must have the original label affixed to the can, and the can mustn’t be leaking. Please ask depot staff if you are unsure about whether your paint cans are recyclable.

Come check out the ReValue area, the newest addition to our ReUse Division. The Revalue area will showcase repurposed items, recycled art, and other unique items, and host special events. Currently we have a small display of recycled art by the artists from Red Tree Gallery. The ReValue area will also serve as an education centre for us to share information about recycling, environmental issues, composting, and solar initiatives. Please remember that we are always accepting donations to the ReUse areas of the depot. If you have a donation for the Free Store or ReShop please check in with a depot staff member before dropping anything off.

Unfortunately the Bike Shop at the depot is closed until further notice as we look for a new bike mechanic.

We are very excited that summer has arrived. With the nice weather, we ask that everyone keep in mind that the recycling depot will be busier and more congested with vehicles. Please recycle efficiently when possible (eg. sort your recyclables before arriving at the depot) to keep the flow of member traffic moving and depot parking spots available. Remembering to drive slowly as you enter and leave the depot will keep dust down and everyone’s cars and bodies safe! Depot staff will facilitate parking and help as much as possible to move the recycling process along. Your patience is appreciated. It’s so good to see so many people using the Pender Islands community-owned recycling depot service and keeping so many products that can be recycled out of the landfill. Thank you for your time and commitment.

Remember to check out our new website: for up-to-date information on what we can accept for recycling, to renew your annual membership, and much more!

Have a great July.

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