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Dish rental.jpg

Photograph by Niki Roberts

  • Dinner plates

  • Side plates

  • Cutlery

  • Mugs

  • Water/Juice glasses

  • Wine glasses

  • Soup bowls

  • Serving bowls

  • Cloth napkins

Our inventory is an eclectic array, perfect for a party, wedding or some other island event or celebration. You can preview our selection inside the Dish Loan building (please ask a depot staff member for assistance).


We ask that you reserve what you need in advance, return all items clean, and make a small donation for their use.

Approximately 11,000 dishes are rented annually, preventing the need for single use items such as plastic cups, paper napkins, and disposable cutlery.

We thank the CRD for generously supporting this program.

Dish Loan Program

Do you have an event planned? We can help you serve it up in environmental style! We have the following items available:

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