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2017 August Pender Post

Hello August.

Well it’s hot up at the Pender Island Recycling Depot. With the heat comes the arrival of the wasps. At times, the wasps can be quite bad at the depot; please advise depot staff if you have a serious allergy so that we can assist you with your recycling, and so that we aware of your needs should you get stung. As a general reminder for the summer season, please rinse your recycling before coming to the depot. Meat and sugar are big wasp and rodent attractants; managing dirtiness keeps these problems under control. Thank you.

With August’s arrival, anticipation for the Pender Island Fall Fair builds. This year’s Fall Fair takes place on Saturday, August 26. For more general Fall Fair details, please check out: As has been the case in previous years, the Pender Island Recycling Society (PIRS) invites and encourages you to enter a Recycled creation in the 2017 Pender Islands Fall Fair. There are two entry classes: Youth and Individual/Family division. Your creation can be artistic or functional, or both. Let your imagination be your guide. Check out the link to the Fall Fair catalogue for more details:

The Pender Island Recycling Society’s involvement in the Fall Fair also includes assisting with the Fair’s zero waste goals. PIRS operates two Recycling/Organics/Garbage stations, staffed by recycling depot staff. Please help the Fall Fair organizing committee achieve its commitment to zero waste by recycling and composting while at the Fair: bring your own water bottle to refill at water stations and support the food vendors using minimal or compostable food service products. It’s pretty inspiring to think of an event of this size that is zero waste!

Be sure also to check out Pender Island Recycling Society’s Fall Fair booth: showcasing entries in the Recycled creation category, and offering recycling education and information about composting and food waste digestion. This year we will have a staff member on hand from the local composting experts: Victoria’s Compost Education Centre.

Please remember to renew your annual membership in the Pender Island Recycling Society. Lots of part-time/summer residents are back on island now: your membership renewals are really appreciated. Membership revenue helps fund: depot maintenance, equipment maintenance and repairs, government lobbing, recycling education, and more. You can renew your membership online at: A charitable tax receipt will be issued.

When you are visiting the recycling depot, we are happy to assist you with your recycling if you have any sort of mobility issue. Please use our priority parking spot and ask a depot staff member for assistance. We are happy to help!

New or experienced users of the recycling depot will probably learn something new about our operation by checking out our website: You will find tons of details about the products and items we accept at the recycling depot, plus lots more information about our long-serving Pender Islands community-owned organization.

Summer depot hours remain in effect: Tuesday 8-3pm, Friday 10-3pm, Saturday 10-3pm, and Sunday 1-4pm (June through September).

The recycling depot will be CLOSED on Saturday, August 26, so that recycling depot staff can work at the Fall Fair. See you there … I’ll be standing next to one of the Recycling/Organics/Garbage stations!

Bye for now,


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