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2017 November Pender Post

Remembrance Day is just around the corner, a time to remember those in our armed forces who died in the line of duty. It’s also a time that reminds recycling depot staff of some of our community members who passed in 2017: Max, Wendy, Paul, Tom, and others. While they were doing their recycling, we got to know these people; we miss seeing and interacting with them.

On the subject of remembering: As you plan your 2017 end of the year festivities, such as a Grey Cup party, and Christmas and New Year’s gatherings, please keep the Recycle Depot’s dish loan program in mind. We loan the following items: dinner and side plates; mugs, water and wine glasses; knives, forks and spoons; soup bowls and serving bowls; and cloth napkins. Borrowing the items is free, although most people make a small donation in appreciation. Please reserve your dish loan items in advance by seeing one of the depot staff or calling us (250.629.6962).

Remember, too, that the Recycle Depot is operating on our Winter Hours schedule (October thru May): Tuesday 8am-3pm, Saturday 10am-3pm, Sunday 1-4pm. We will be CLOSED on Saturday, November 11.

With Christmas less than eight weeks away, be sure to mark your calendar with the dates of the on-island craft fairs: Pender Islands School Craft Fair (November 11), Yuletide Gift Faire at the Community Hall (November 18), Anglican Church Craft Fair (November 25). Buying Made on the Pender Islands gifts is the way to go. And several of the creative folks making these gifts do so with reused materials, so you support the island economy and keep the environment healthy when you choose these Christmas presents.

Talking about buying gift products made with reused materials, how about the newest shopping centre in Eskilstuna, Sweden. At ReTuna Återbruksgalleria (, shoppers find fourteen shops selling repaired or refurbished furniture, electronics, clothes, bikes, toys, gardening tools, building materials, and more. “The centre concentrates on turning waste into opportunity, and has created 50 new jobs in ‘repair and retail’.” Forward-thinking . . . not so different from the Free Store, ReShop, ReValue, and ReCycle Bike Shop area of your local recycling depot.

Whether you shop for gifts at Pender Island’s craft fairs, or Nu-To-Yu, or other fairs or thrift shops on the “big island”, your choice to do this makes a difference . . . particularly to Mother Nature. She, and we, thank you.

FYI: Many of the answers to your questions about the Pender Island Recycling Society (e.g., depot hours, recyclables we accept, our history, backhaul service, etc.) can be found on our website:

Richard Philpot

As President of the Pender Island Recycling Society, I am pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2018 Niki Roberts will assume the role of Executive Director of the Society. Niki brings a wide array of relevant skills to the position. We expect that Niki will manage and lead PIRS for many years to come.

Davy Rippner

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