The PIRS Board of Directors and Recycling Depot staff share a strong support of the aims of recycling.


A seven-person volunteer Board of Directors, lead by President Davy Rippner, is responsible for ensuring that Pender Island Recycling Society and the recycling depot are managed responsibly and continue to meet the evolving needs of the Pender Island community.


A "family" of eleven dedicated depot staff process the tonnes of newspaper, plastic, scrap metal, bottles, batteries, paint and more that is delivered to the Pender Island Recycling Depot every year. Each staff member brings a unique background and skill set to the team and are united in their belief of the principles of reduction, reuse and recycling.

About Our Team

PIRS Board of Directors

Davy Rippner, President

Anne Kaye - Finance Committee

Joyce Thayer- Finance Committee

Robb Zuk- Finance Committee

Kari Huhtala

Ursula Poepel

Niki Roberts

PIRS Recycling Depot Staff

Kim Pollard - Bookkeeper

Anna Herlitz - Payroll

Andy Nowak - Truck driving

Lester Quitzau - Truck driving

Janey Rowland - FreeStore/ReShop

Niki Roberts - Executive Director

Celene Wilde - Depot

Tracy Calvert - Depot

Jenn Kaila - Depot

Ben Symons - Depot

Nia Williams - Depot

Jacob Johnson- Depot


Thanks to Davy Rippner and Niki Roberts for the many great photos used on our website.

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For questions about, or ideas concerning the Recycling Depot operation, please call the depot at (250) 629-6962 or send us an E-mail »

Contact Us

To enquire about becoming a member of our volunteer Board of Directors or to make a suggestion about how we can improve the Pender Island Recycling Society operation, please e-mail Davy Rippner, PIRS President

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Pender Island Recycling Society

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