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The Bike Shop is open on the first Tuesday of the month from 10 AM to 3 PM. Please call to confirm as unexpected changes may occur!

Laurie tuning up2.jpg

Photographs by Niki Roberts

Services offered at ReCYCLE Community Bike Shop include:
  • Refurbished bikes available for purchase by donation

  • New & used bike parts

  • Tune-ups and repairs

  • Free use of air pump and some bike tools

The goals of the ReCYCLE Bike Shop are to:
  • Help make Pender's bikes safe and more fun to ride

  • Refurbish bikes for people looking for something different, another bike, or who wish to start riding again

  • Encourage a healthy, alternative mode of transportation

How can I see some of the re-furbished bikes available for purchase by donation?
  • Refurbished bikes are displayed in a bike rack just outside the ReValue drop off area

  • Or drop by and see our mechanic on the first Tuesday of the month to ask what they have in stock that could be refurbished for you!

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