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Backhauls to the Penders:

Soil, Gravel, Sand, Manure, Etc.

Thanks for choosing to use our backhaul service.

Every time you arrange with us to bring you soil, gravel, sand, manure or something else back from the Saanich Peninsula to your property on the Penders you help fund the recycling depot operation. 


We travel to the Saanich Peninsula with our truck loaded with your recyclables once a week, and we return with backhaul loads at the same frequency. This is a very popular service from Spring through Fall so we encourage you to book your backhaul delivery well in advance. Make arrangements with one of the staff when you are visiting the recycling depot or call us at (250) 629 6962.

Backhaul costs and maximum quantities

Delivery cost

North Pender Island - $160 (plus the cost of materials).

South Pender Island - $180 (plus the cost of materials).

Product cost

If you would like product pricing and advice, ask a staff person for the names and phone numbers of our suppliers.

Quantity Limits 

Our dumping truck bed can accommodate 6 yards of soil or manure, 3 yards of gravel or sand, and 8 yards of bark mulch.

NOTE The area where you would like us to dump the soil, gravel, sand, manure, etc., must be relatively level and be accessible by our large truck.

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