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2015 October Pender Post

The depot is now operating on winter hours until the end of May, and we are no longer open on Fridays. Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday hours remain the same. As summer is over, the ReCycle Community Bike Shop is now closed and we are re-evaluating our future plans for it.

As always, the Pender Islands Recycling Society was active in the Fall Fair celebration. Hundreds of people stopped by the PIRS exhibition tent to have a look at the Recycling competition entries on display. Photos of the innovative winning entries, the Fall Fair parade and Imagination Station can be viewed on our website at!fall-fair-re-use-competition/c1ajm. Debbie Katz won the Karl Hamson Trophy for her very creatively repurposed “sports bra”, and we were quite impressed with the innovativeness of the younger entrants. We would like to extend a huge Thank You to our energetic volunteers, Recycling competition judge, Joseph Montague, and Mike Wiley, Derek Young and Tara Landry and who helped young builders create intriguing items all day at the very noisy and inspiring Imagination Station.

We get many questions at the depot, and one of them is where empty propane cylinders should be taken. We cannot accept these cylinders at the depot, but they can be taken to Pender Fire Hall No. 1 during their open hours to be dropped off for a fee which will vary according to the size of the cylinder. Another question is about paint. We accept household paint containers that are empty, partially empty or full, as long as they have the original identifying label. We place any re-usable paint on shelves inside the main depot building for free re-use by anyone who would like to take it. Please sign the sheet on the clipboard by the paint when taking some. Right now we have lots of paint just waiting to be used. Come by and have a look!

As a non-profit society we try to keep our costs down. One of the ways we try to do this is to close on time to avoid the extra cost of staying open late. We would like to ask depot users to arrive at the depot at least 15 minutes before closing as we are fully aware that the actual task of sorting and depositing items does take a bit of time. The last half hour is usually a good time to avoid because it tends to be a pretty crowded time at the depot. We appreciate your understanding and support.

We are excited about local Penderite David Boyd’s new books on the environment and would like to encourage you to check out his website There you can see his ideas on how each of us can “take optimism to action” by following a few steps towards a greener, cleaner world. Everyone’s actions do make a difference. David is also a founding member of Pender Solar Initiative 2020, which is the organization that spearheaded the solar array project for the PIRS roof.

Optimistic Penderites, yet another reason they’re all good days on Pender.

Anna Herlitz

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