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2014 August Pender Post

What is new at the depot? As you may know, the source and basis for funding of recycling in BC has recently changed. Instead of government funding of recycling throughout the province, an association of manufacturers, Multi-Material BC (MMBC), will now provide the funding for recycling of packaging in BC. This is a significant change within our industry, and change is rarely simple. Our staff has had to devise new ways of handling recyclable material, and now accepts substances and materials we have never handled before. In some cases, our staff has had to tell our clients that we no longer handle some items.

For every change faced by our staff, Penderites have also had to face changes. To the credit of our staff and especially to the credit of the people of Pender, the changes have gone remarkably smoothly. There are still wrinkles to be ironed out, but now seems like a good time to thank both the staff and Penderites for the patience and diligence in dealing with the many changes. Congrats, and thanks to all involved, and for the spirit of teamwork displayed.

Speaking of our team, we welcome new depot staff members Mike DeWitt and Drew Light. Guys, enjoy working with the best crew on the island. No doubt both our staff and customers will make you feel welcome. On the other hand, we are sorry to lose two valued staff members, Angie Bowns and Michelle Marsden, who have moved on to tackle new challenges in their respective lives. Thanks for years of valued contribution, we wish you all the best.

The Pender Fall Fair is Saturday, August, 23. Every year the Fall Fair is the ultimate example of Pender Island teamwork. I am always amazed at how many Penderites are involved. Planning, parking, organizing, and exhibiting, not to mention those who compete in crafts, cooking, baking, brewing, quilting, carving, wood working, Lego building, animal raising, flower and vegetable growing, and of course my favourite, the categories of most artistic and useful recycled creations (group, individual and youth categories). I apologize to the avid competitors in each of the other 9 million competitive categories that I did not list.

Enjoy the Fair and please help us achieve our goal of a zero-garbage fair. Instead of a disposable plastic water bottle, please bring your own reusable water container and refill it on the grounds as needed. Please also note that the Recycling Depot will be closed on Fall Fair day, and our staff will be on the grounds helping to achieve the garbage free goal.

Pender Island Recycling Society will have information and examples of composting and an exhibit of the winning entries in the various categories of useful and artistic recycled articles. The Imagination Station where enthusiastic kids hammer, nail, saw and glue creative wooden masterpieces will be loud and busy. Every year, at least half of the determined hammerers at the Imagination Station are girls. If any of you skilled female woodworkers or builders on the island are looking for a fun way to participate in the Fall Fair, please mention your interest to any Recycling Depot staff member or Pender Island Recycling Board member. Little girls with hammers would love to have a real live role model.

Enjoy the Fall Fair, Pender Island teamwork at its best and a great reminder that they’re all good days on Pender.

Mike Wiley

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