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2014 May Pender Post

Welcome to the Tire Disposal quiz. How do Pender Islanders dispose of old car or truck tires for free? Partial marks for “Take the tires to the Recycling Depot (a maximum of four per household, no rims) during the depot’s Tire Month.” An excellent answer, but bonus points will be awarded for knowing which month is Tire Month. If you read and remembered last month’s column, you might think that June was Tire Month. Wrong! Sorry about that. I named the wrong month . . . no bonus points for me. Definitely, May is Tire Month at the depot. Our staff would be delighted to accept those old tires during depot business hours in May. Tires in excess of the household minimum of four can still be dropped off for the meager cost of $2.00 per tire.

I love May on Pender. The excitement is everywhere. Entire families plan their May activities around one big day. Of course the big day to which I refer is the Pender Island Recycling Society’s Annual General Meeting. This year, as mentioned in last month’s Pender Post article, the PIRS Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 27, at 7 pm at the Community Hall. We debated on whether to try and get Elizabeth May or Trevor Linden as our AGM Keynote speaker. After much deliberation, we decided instead to feature coffee and free homemade cookies. Don’t miss the AGM.

As you may have heard, some important changes are coming that will effect how recycling on Pender is funded. There also will be an expanded list of material we will be able to accept. Handling the new list of accepted items will require some changes in our depot operations and we look forward to announcing these changes. See our June Pender Post article for more details. The effect of upcoming operational and funding changes are not yet fully known, but we do know that Recycling Society memberships will not become a less important source of funding for our operations.

Speaking of Recycling Society memberships and change, did you know that memberships and donations can now be renewed online? Check out our new website ( Of course, first time memberships can also be purchased online.

Even if you prefer to renew your membership the old fashioned way (in person), I urge you to check out the new website. The site is revamped, interactive and, above all, interesting. I dare you to take a quick browse around the website. Sooner or later one section or another will intrigue you, and then your browsing has no chance of being “quick”. Check out the photos of re-purposed items, with all the fascinating ideas and new uses for old things, a short film on the recycling process, a blurb on our depot’s ReCycle Community Bike Shop. The list is long and interesting. The website is all new and we thank Lisa Moorby for all her work and for training depot staff members so that we can update the website ourselves as needed.

Mentioning the bike shop reminds me of how successful, appropriate, and well received that operation has been. Laurie Brown and Jackson Alan are looking forward to another busy bike season of repairing, reconditioning and selling bikes.

I am a fan of this island and I remain convinced that they’re all good days on Pender.

Mike Wiley

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