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2014 March Pender Post

Here we go again, one of those Equinox things - Spring Equinox. On March 20 the sunshine hours and non-sunshine hours will be equal. I have studied this, so believe me when I tell you that Spring Equinox is a Latin phrase that, roughly translated, means “now is the time to arrange for the Pender Island Recycling truck to backhaul a load of topsoil, manure or whatever your garden or lawn needs to get off to a healthy start for the 2014 growing season”. Book early to avoid disappointment and delay. Speak to any staff member next time you are at the depot. By the way, the Spring Equinox is also called the Vernal Equinox, named after a Latin guy named Vernal (Vern, to his friends). Your research Department never sleeps.

Spring is all about growth and renewal. For example, March would be an excellent time to renew your Pender Island Recycling membership. Fifteen bucks a year - barely more than four cents a day - and your membership dollars are vital to the financial stability of the Pender Island Recycling Depot. The list of materials and items the depot now accepts, at no cost, has grown significantly over the last year.

The list is too long to itemize here. Please refer to our website, for the full list of materials and electronic and other products accepted. We now handle all types of light bulbs incandescent, fluorescent, halogen bulbs and LEDs, UHPs and HIDs. Please note that bulbs should be handed directly to a depot staff member, and all broken bulbs must be contained in a taped or zip-locked plastic bag.

If you are planning a project that requires a sand base, remember that crushed glass will in many cases work just as well or better, and we have barrels of free crushed glass (two types, fine crushed and coarse) and all you have to do is pick up as much as you need, at no cost. Any recycling staff member can provide more information.

February 2014 was not without its challenges on Pender with winds, rain, hail, snow and more wind and rain. There were rough moments and tough days. When the wind howls, the branches fall and the lights flicker and die, where else would you would you rather be? Despite any inclement weather we may endure, they’re all good days on Pender.

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