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2017 March Pender Post

Well I think we got our winter fix this year and yeah March is here! All the brave little flowers and baby buds are on the trees. It’s all so exciting that new life, now we are all just itching to dig in that soil. Now is really the time to jump on that Recycling Depot backhaul list while there is only a short wait. Remember we only deliver once a week and the waitlist fills up quickly. The recycling truck can deliver up to six yards of soil, mulch, or manure, and three yards of gravel.

This time of year is a great time to get set up and install your food digesters and/or compost bins. Both are available at the Pender Islands Recycling Depot: Composters are $99 and Food Digesters are $165. Composters (Earth Machines) are for plant material only and break down quickly creating food for your flower or vegetable gardens, while Food Digesters (Green cones) are for conveniently disposing your whole range of food waste. Both products are rat proof and need to be properly installed in a sunny dry area to work optimally, but do not create garden amendments. Check out the Victoria Compost Education Centre website, for more information on these options available at the Depot and many other composting ideas.

We still find a lot of members surprised that we take electronic items at no charge. We accept computers, monitors, computer accessories, printers, fax machines, TV’s, stereos, DVD and VCR players, telephones, answering machines, electric toys, and other electronics. We also accept DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes and cassette tapes and the cases they are in. Visit to see a complete list of electronics we can accept at our Recycling Depot.

Remember to check out our Free Store and ReShop when you come up next, there are always new treasures waiting to be rediscovered! The inventory of the ReShop rotates quickly, so shop often. When you have items to donate to the Free Store or ReShop please remember to check with a staff member. Don’t forget our Dish Loan Program when hosting those spring celebration parties!

As we are always striving to create a better recycling experience for you, let depot staff know if you have any suggestions as to how we can make our depot operation better. Our next board meeting is on Thursday, March 9, 7:30 p.m. at Pender Islands School (community meeting room). As always community members are welcome to attend.

Well that last slam from winter was a bit much. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we and many other services were unavailable for the week. Your safety is always our biggest concern. One opportunity to come from being shut for a week was definitely the opportunity to really see that recycling and garbage build up! Taking a moment to reflect on the waste we as a family or induvial can create in just one week is something to note. We are what we consume and create, just because we get it out of the house does not mean it’s gone.

Food for thought, Happy Spring!

Jenn Kaila

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