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2017 January Pender Post

Well we made it, past the holiday season and a new year has been welcomed in.

The possibilities and resolutions are still alive in our minds. Maybe you resolved to be more organized and prepared! Let PIRS help you out in that area while at the same time you can support us by using our convenient backhaul service. At present, there is no wait list and you can get all of your gardening and yard supplies now and be ready to go in the Spring. Our wait list can get quite lengthy as spring approaches and keep in mind that we only drop off recyclables once a week to the Saanich Peninsula so, as a result, we are only able to offer one backhaul delivery per week.

A few housekeeping items this month, please do not drop off recycling and garbage at the gate during non-operating hours, animals get in to it and it’s a real mess for staff to clean up, its also just unsightly. Help us keep the rodent population down at the depot, please take the time to rinse your containers out before recycling. Cardboard needs to be dry for us to process it, we are unable to accept wet cardboard. Please remember to check in at our website for many tips and detailed explanations of what we accept and how to prepare it for drop off at the depot.

We at the depot thank the community for their understanding that we had to be closed for a few days during the recent cold weather in December. Accessing the depot by car was unsafe as well as walking conditions were just to risky for recycling safely. Thank you again for your patience and understanding!

At the moment, PIRS has no source to take printer cartridges, to recycle them properly please take them to Staples or London Drugs Another option is to take them to a refill centre like the one located in Hillside Mall, Recycling is great but reusing is better, financially and environmentally.

This moment of the year is a special one to reflect on the power of personal change. We can’t as individuals fix everything but if we were to each make one positive environmental choice imagine the change, the positive energy.

An area that we could as individuals have an impact is still in the area of single use items, get a to go coffee cup and create a solid personal routine with it, same for a water bottle. It’s the plastic, it’s overwhelming. If you can make a solid effort to say no to one or two single use items a day you will see the difference, if we all do it we at the depot would see the difference. Change is created in small steps, we are creatures of routine, let’s make some new positive routines this year.

Thanks for reading, hope 2017 is all that you wish for, Happy New Year.

Jenn Kaila

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