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2016 November Pender Post

November has arrived, and with its arrival the weather has changed accordingly, it really is time to pull out our warm and waterproof clothes and light that fire. With the shift of seasons we arrive in what for most of us is our largest consumer focused time of year. Our thoughts shift to indulgent comfort foods, gifts for hosts of gatherings and of course the looming holiday season.

When hosting parties this year for the Grey Cup or for Holiday events remember the Dish Loan program at the Recycling Depot is fully stocked with large and small plates, mugs, juice glasses wine glasses, cutlery, linen napkins and even a punch bowl or 3! Making the effort to come by and pick up some funky dishes steps any event up a notch. Just leave a donation for the depot in return for the service. To reserve for your event call the depot (250-629-6962) during our winter hours of operation, Tuesday 8-3, Saturday 10-3 and Sunday 1-4 and we will happily do that for you.

This is the perfect time for us to start thinking of the gifts we will be giving this year. There is time for us to think local and hand make something special from the abundance of fall produce. To compliment that we are just about to enter the season of craft fairs, the first one is November 12th at the Pender Island Elementary School held in the school gym, Nov 19th is the Yuletide Gift Faire at the Pender Islands Community Hall, November 26th is the Anglican Church Craft Fair. They are filled with so many lovingly and locally made gift ideas the perfect Pender gift will be found there for anyone.

Of course at some point this season we will all probably find ourselves in a mall. Trying to remember that we as consumers wield so much power is important. Every choice we make on how to spend our money is a statement on what we want our world to look like and what we care about. Buying Made in Canada or choosing to support a fair trade co-op feels good. Take the time to consider the company and what it stands for before purchasing a product. And how about the packaging they are using? Is it recyclable? It’s so hard to always make informed, well thought out choices but it’s a good time to start thinking that way now before we find ourselves in a mall on the evening of the 24th. I have been there! Mindful choices are hard when we are rushed.

Logistically, in this busy season, can you please help the Recycling Depot staff out and call ahead and if you are planning to come to the depot with a large truck and/or a trailer. It gets tight up there when it’s busy and if we know you are coming we can have a space ready for you.

Thanks for reading, here’s hoping the power stays on!

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