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2016 August Pender Post

The Fall Fair is coming up in just a few short weeks, on Saturday August 27. The Fair is such a wonderfully rich showcase for what Pender people are able to bring into being, to grow and create. We hope that many of you right now are happily creating your innovative entries for the Fall Fair’s Section R, Recycling, for either the Youth or Individual/Family divisions. Entries may be purely artistic or functional, or both, and must be created using recycled materials. Let your imagination show you the way. Prize money is awarded to the top three judged entries in each division. For more details please see or follow the link on our home page at At the Fall Fair our well attended Imagination Station will have a new look this year with a variety of materials available for building interesting creations. Adult volunteers are still needed to guide the creatively constructing youth at the Imagination Station so please let us know if you are interested by contacting depot staff at 629-6962 or Board Chair Davy Rippner at 629-6636.

We are again preparing to help make the Fall Fair as garbage-free as possible this year. It has been quite impressive in recent years to see how very little garbage is generated during this popular event. When so many take part in consciously reducing waste and leaving a small footprint it is amazing what we can accomplish. We encourage everyone to bring a re-usable bag, a water bottle to refill and after eating to take recyclables, compostables and other food waste to our recycling/composting/garbage stations at the Fair.

Our Pender Islands Fall Fair is sure to have a stunning array of the homemade and homegrown, perfect examples of what often make the most meaningful gifts. We hope that all of us attending will be inspired by this creative work and will take some ideas home to make our own homemade gifts and homegrown food. This in itself is a gift to the earth, lessening our individual impacts on the environment.

Wasp season is here again and we appreciate containers being rinsed clean to avoid wasps congregating at the depot sorting bins. If you have a sting allergy or a fear of wasps please let staff know and we can help with sorting your recycling. For anyone with mobility issues we are also happy to assist. If you are new to Pender and the Recycling Depot please let us know and we will gladly give you a tour and answer any questions. Please also see our very informative website During these busy summer months finding parking at the depot can be very challenging. One thing that can help us with this is to pre-sort recyclables prior to arriving as this can cut down on your time spent at the depot.

The ReShop and Free Store both continue to have lots of different items come in and find new homes, so stop in and have a look to see what you might find. To drop off items for the ReShop/Free Store please ensure that items are clean and please check with staff. We are now operating on summer hours: Tuesday 8am-3pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-3pm and Sunday 1-4pm. Wishing you a bountiful summer and a fun Fall Fair!

Anna Herlitz

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