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2016 April Pender Post

A year ago this month we watched in awe as the mostly local crew of workers installed 39 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of the recycling depot in the pouring rain. The project has been a huge success and was spearheaded by Pender Solar Initiative 2020 (PSI2020) and involved grant funding from Nu-To-Yu and the CRD, as well as time and effort of numerous volunteers. Since then the panels have seen much sunshine as the numbers below will show. Here are some facts and figures shared with us by PIRS Board member and PSI 2020 member Robb Zuk:

“Since installing the system last April, it has produced over 9,000 kWh of solar electricity. During that same time the depot has consumed only 1,200 kWh of electricity. After the one-year anniversary of the installation BC Hydro will send PIRS a cheque for the difference. We're on track for the solar system to generate about $900 in its first 12 months (PIRS hydro bills' avoided cost plus the cheque for excess solar power). Pender Island Recycling Society hopes that this project may inspire many more solar roofs to be installed here on the Penders!”

Pender Islands Recycling Society would like to extend a big Thank You to Pender Islands Art Curtis, a not-so-familiar face at the Depot. Art has been leading the building improvements in the Reuse area, and we would like to recognize him publicly for giving us so much of his time, expertise and enthusiasm. The building addition looks great!

If you are considering buying a food digester or composter, here are a few facts to know. Green Cone food digesters accept any type of kitchen scraps, including hard-to-manage food like meat, bread, dairy and cooked or processed foods. They need plenty of sunshine and well-draining soil, and they work best if some plant material is added on occasion. The cost is $165.00. The Earth Machine composter is a high capacity composter made of 50% recycled plastic; it accepts plant materials and produces compost. This composter is pest resistant, has a lockable lid, and a base plate which allows drainage but denies rodent entry, and the cost is $85.

Earth Day is coming up, and we’d like to encourage everyone to celebrate it by taking part in the annual Earth Day Beach Clean-Up sponsored by PICA on Saturday, April 23.

Lastly, a gentle reminder to please arrive at the recycling depot at least 15 minutes prior to closing to ensure enough time to sort your recycling. Thanks.

We wish you a happy spring!

Anna Herlitz

Everyone is invited to our upcoming AGM on Thursday, May 26, at 7pm, in the Community Hall Lounge.

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