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2016 January Pender Post

Happy New Year! 2015 was a great year for re-use and recycling on the Penders. Our community made significant contributions to island re-use this past year through active use Nu-To-Yu and the Recycling Depots ReShop, Free Store and Bike Shop. It has been fun to see how many items find new life through the ReShop and Free Store. We appreciate all the donated objects. A notable volume of waste was also kept out of landfills by Pender people using our appliance, light fixture and electronics programs, using food digesters at home and of course doing regular recycling. Your environment thanks you!

If you were given new items over the holidays, such as appliances, tools, electronics, computers, kitchenware or books, and now have older things to pass along, please consider bringing them to the Recycling Depot or to Nu-To-Yu. The Recycling Depot can accept many broken items in these categories, but please let us know if they are still functional. We also accept media items such as cassette tapes, CD’s and DVD’s and their cases in our electronics program at no charge. For more information please see our website or give us a call at 629-6962 during open hours. There is a $25 charge for dropping off large appliances. On our website you can also renew your membership for 2016, and it is always possible to do it at the depot of course.

If you are considering doing yard or garden work, please know that our recycling truck can deliver up to six yards of soil or mulch or wood chips or three yards of gravel from Saanich/Victoria. At this point there is no wait list, but as we start to approach spring this will soon change. We do not mark up the cost of backhaul materials, and the delivery fee helps to support the overall Recycling Depot operation.

The PIRS Board and Staff wishes everyone a happy, green and innovative 2016! Thank you to the Pender Islands community for continuing to support re-use and recycling. An excellent reason that they’re all good days on Pender.

Anna Herlitz


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