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2015 April Pender Post

We are very happy and grateful to announce that funding for our Depot operation has been secured through April 2019. The Capital Regional District (CRD) has committed to cover the funding deficit that resulted with the implementation of the Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Program and the subsequent lack of funding from Multi Material BC (MMBC). For more information, please see our website We would like to offer a huge thank you to all who have been supporting us through this struggle. We will continue to pressure the Ministry of Environment to ensure that MMBC provides full funding for small or rural recycling operations and will work towards sustaining our funding beyond 2019.

Speaking of sustainability, our new solar panel installation is complete! Next time at the Depot, come check them out on the back side of the roof of the main building. The Gabriola/Pender work crew was amazing, installing it all in just two days, one of the days in pouring rain. There is now a fully trained work crew on Pender able to install solar voltaic systems for those interested. We would again like to extend a thank you to the Nu-To-Yu for the huge grant, the CRD who also contributed a grant, the Pender Solar Initiative 2020, as well as the work crew and the staff who fed the workers and provided accommodation. This was a big production that came off without a hitch! Thank you, Andy, for coordinating this effort.

And now for what you have all been waiting for: the grand re-opening/opening announcement of the Free Store and ReShop. On April 4 we will be opening our new (to us) doors to the remodelled Free Store, which is right next to our up-cycled area that will be called the ReShop. A kind reminder to please check with staff before dropping off items for either area.

In mid-April we plan to have lost & found recycling bins and baskets on display for pick-up, as we have acquired quite a collection. So, if you think you may have left your personal recycling bin at the depot, even if it was long ago, please come and see if you can find it. Bins/baskets that are not taken after a week or two will be put to use by us or placed in the Free Store.

If you are interested in backhaul delivery such as soil, gravel or mulch, please contact us soon as the list is starting to fill and the wait time will get a little longer. We also would like to give you a heads up that May is Tire Collection month: the first four are free to drop off, and after that we charge $2 per tire, no rims, please. The Depot will be closed on Easter Sunday, April 5. We wish you a happy Easter, and we want to again convey our great thanks to this caring community which has been supporting us through our struggles for funding and to stay open. This is what makes them all good days on the Penders!

Anna Herlitz

The PIRS Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 28, 7 pm in the Pender Island Community Hall lounge. Everyone is welcome.

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