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2014 December Pender Post

“The only constant is change,” to quote a great song and Heraclitus, and it seems we are all a part of the change. PIRS continues to do our part in guiding the changes related to the new stewardship program for Printed Paper and Packaging (PPP), and particularly in regards to the funding of it. Members of the Southern Gulf Islands Recycling Coalition (SGIRC), including Les Quitzau and Richard Philpot representing PIRS, recently attended the Coast Waste Management Association industry conference meeting with directors of the CRD, Multi Materials BC (the stewardship organization for PPP) and representatives from the Ministry of Environment, to lobby and advocate for proper funding of rural recycling depots and to help influence the direction of the new program and funding model. This new PPP program continues to unfold with many details and shortfalls being worked out. Thank you Pender Islands for being patient and supportive during these changes, and for signing our petition to the Ministry of Environment. So far 539 signatures from Pender Island have been delivered to NDP MLA Gary Holman for presentation in the B.C. legislature and we continue to collect more. In total the SGIRC has close to 2000 signatures from Saturna, Mayne, Galiano and Pender Islands.

Other news ... with tennis, family and new adventures taking precedence, we have sadly accepted our Board Treasurer, Mike Wiley's, resignation. Mike has volunteered at PIRS for more than 8 years, including a term as President, constantly showing up for meetings, blessing us with his lighthearted humour, helping with the Fall Fair Imagination Station, keeping our books in order, writing the Pender Post column and always reminding us that "They're all good days on Pender". Thank you for your service Mike - we miss you already!

We'd also like to thank Steve Molleson for the generous donation of 2 cords of wood to sell which raised $500 for PIRS.

We remind you to renew your memberships for 2015. Your membership and donations are much appreciated and an important part of our funding that helps keep your recycling depot going. You can renew your membership online at or at the Depot. We'd like to remind you that as of January 1, 2015 kitchen scraps and organics will be banned from residential garbage. At the depot we sell food digesters (which can accept meat, bread, dairy and processed foods) at a discounted rate of $110 + tax, and composters for $79 + tax.

December is the time for family get-togethers, company Christmas parties and team wind-ups of all kinds. To avoid using disposable items at your party, simply call the Recycling Depot @ 629-6962 to reserve the real plates, cups, cutlery, napkins etc. that your function requires. Even if it snows, there is no reason not to have a “greener” holiday season by buying locally, wrapping gifts in newspaper, old posters, maps or recycled paper from last year. If you need a gift box there are always some at the depot. I believe that loved ones, good health and simple things are what really matter and there are many alternatives to 'material gifts', like homemade goodies or donations to good causes in a loved one's name ... giving really does bring joy, so in giving a gift of giving you can't go wrong. As Christmas grows near we wish you all the best for the holiday season and the New Year. And don't forget, as Mike would say, "They're all good days on Pender".

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