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2013 Oct. Pender Post

I bring good news . . . the change from summer to fall need not affect the weather. The fine weather will continue. The only required fall change is the recycling depot hours. Starting October 1, the depot will not be open on Fridays, and the hours of operation on the other days will be: Tuesdays 8–3 pm, Saturdays 10-3 pm, and Sundays 1-4 pm.

Before this year’s Fall Fair memories fade, I personally want to thank Dave Dossor for so stepping up to oversee the Imagination Station. Thanks also to his special assistants, Derek Young, Bob Funk, and others. We also must thank the many entrants in this year’s Fall Fair’s Recycling Depot sponsored, re-use (artistic or useful) competition. The entries keep getting better, and the competition keeps getting tougher. Please 2013 Fall Fair above for photos of some of the winning entries and their creators. There's also has a link to Davy Rippner's many great 2013 Fall Fair photos. Who knows, your smiling face may be among those captured by our roving photographer.

Do you have any small appliances, electronics or power tools that are no longer wanted or working? Remember that under the new stewardship program, Penderites can drop these items off at the depot, free of charge. I must also mention that, while we are pleased to take your shredded paper, it is much bulkier than un-shredded and, on windy days, more difficult to handle. We can deal with that, but we would ask you to shred only what must be shredded, and drop off newspaper and other non-confidential paper as is. Thanks.

Finally, I am delighted to confirm that commencing October 1, Lester Quitzau will officially assume his new duties as the Pender Island Recycling Depot manager. Les has worked closely with Richard Philpot to learn the intricacies of managing our favourite Pender organization. Les is only the third Recycling Depot Manager. The first two, Andy Nowak and Richard, have been not only outstanding, but ideally suited for the specific leadership needs at the specific time. Lester’s management style will no doubt differ from that of Andy or Richard, but the common trait possessed by each man is the passion for recycling . . . they believe in recycling, and they live by that belief. Welcome to the helm, Les. Les will put his own stamp on managing the depot and, like his predecessors, he will do a great job.

In closing, and on behalf of the depot staff and the PIRS board, I would like to express to Richard how much we have enjoyed working with him, and how much we appreciate his contributions. With Richard, the job gets done properly and those involved seemed to smile a lot. Now there is a skill set . . . the kind that helps insure that they’re all good days on Pender.

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