What can go in my compost bin?

Vegetable scraps, coffee grinds, egg shells.

What can't go in my compost bin?

But can go in your Green Cone food digester: meat scraps and bones, fish scraps, bread, pasta, other cooked food, food with oil in it, even salad (visit Compost.bc.ca for a complete list).


Composting Information


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On average, a backyard composter diverts 500 pounds of food and green waste per year from landfill disposal. The resulting compost makes a wonderful, homemade natural garden nutrient.


Seven Steps to Making Great Compost

1. Buy or build a rodent-resistant bin

2. Locate your compost bin in a level location that drains well

3. Layer the bottom few inches with coarse organic material such as straw or prunings

4. Chop or cut compost material into small pieces

5. Dig green nitrogen-rich materials in the centre and cover with brown carbon-rich material; add materials in layers (eg. grass clippings, straw, kitchen scraps, etc.)

6. Aerate the material once a week using a turning tool like a pitchfork or stick; also, water during dry season if needed

7. Your finished compost will be ready in two to six months (if your compost is layered, you can leave it unturned for six months to a year).

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  • Compost Education Centre in Victoria is a not-for-profit organization providing composting and organic gardening education and services. Compost.bc.ca »